I have Bed Bugs! What do I do now? Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Jun 22, 2015 | Uncategorized

Bed bugs have been found all over the United States and no one is immune. Bed bugs have been found in all walks of life; from hotels, hospitals and even schools. One of the worst things about bed bugs is how easily and quickly they can transfer from one place to the next. A bed bug will nest in the edges and crevices of your mattress and couches. They hide during the day out of sight and at night when you fall asleep they come out and feast. The bite onto the host and suck blood until they are full. After they are full they sneak back into hiding. The way that most people realize they have bed bugs is not from actually seeing them but it is when they notice the series of bites when they awake in the morning. What do you do if you think you have bed bugs?

Professional Bed Bug Control

Call a Professional! There is just one way to be sure that you have eliminated a possible bed bug infestation and that is to call a pest control company. Not just any company but someone who has experience in fighting bed bugs like Bio-Tech Pest Control. There is no way that a homeowner can go through and kill all the bed bugs. They hide in places that need to be exposed and this has to be done with specialized treatments.

Bed Bug Inspection and Treatment

What treatment is right for you? Once you call a professional and have an inspection done to determine what kind of treatment they offer and what is best for you. There are several options that can be offered. One is the longest used method which is using a chemical treatment to kill off the bugs. Another option is when an industrial HEPA vacuum is used on the infested area and sucks up all the bugs. The filter in the vacuum has a way to trap the bugs. There is also a heat treatment that can suffocate and draw out the bugs from hiding to be killed off. After making a choice about treatment, it is important to set up the appointment as soon as possible to stop the attack and spreading of bed bugs.
Bio-Tech Pest Control has extensive knowledge and ability to inspect and treat any size bed bug infestation. Call today to set up an appointment.

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