Houston Termite Control – Termite Season in Houston

Feb 26, 2011 | termite control

Spring season in Houston, TX can bring a significant danger for homeowners: termites! Although termites remain active year-round, the warmer spring weather signifies the height of termite season in Houston.

Termites start to swarm from their nests and begin looking to build new colonies in new locations. Houston in particular, thanks to our warm, moist conditions, can be a favorable environment for termites and their need for humid conditions to avoid drying out and dying. In order to help ensure their new colony isn’t your home, educate yourself on the different types of termites, signs of termite damage to watch for, how to prevent termites and what to do if you already have termites in your home.

As the temperature becomes warmer during spring months, swarms of reproductive termites begin looking for suitable areas to build new colonies. Termites search for cracks in the soil, wood piles or decaying trees, debris, and cracks or openings in your home or foundation to set up shop. In addition, standing water in gutters and moist soil that’s common here in Houston contribute to favorable breeding and living conditions for termites.

In part two of this series we will discuss Termite Warning Signs and what to watch for to avoid termite problems.


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