Fleas in your home

Jul 9, 2018 | Uncategorized

Fleas and summertime in south Texas sometimes go hand in hand. From late spring and all throughout summer, most regions will experience outbreaks of fleas, but keep in mind, fleas don’t carry calendars. Fleas thrive in warm temperatures. Flea eggs require sufficient humidity (at least 50% or greater) and with a warm host for a blood meal, this makes our area of Texas optimal for flea infestations. Also with today’s home being climate controlled, without proper elimination of the fleas, flea larvae and flea eggs, they can easily breed year-round.

You may be wondering how your indoor pet (or for those of you with no pets at all) could possibly have gotten fleas in the yard. I’ve had occasional stray cats climb into my back yard, and for those who enjoy a wooded, natural setting behind your home, possums and raccoons are known to carry fleas and can bring them over to your yard as well. Before you think, “my fence is sturdy and secure and these animals are not getting through!”, let’s not forget about squirrels. Squirrels can bring fleas into your yard, and there is just really very little way your fence or long overhanging shade trees branches can keep the squirrels out. Direct contact is not needed. The animals can leave fleas behind in your lawn. Eggs can hatch in the yard and wait for your pet, (or your pant leg!) to hitch a ride into your home.

To be effective, flea treatments should encompass 3 steps:

  1. Treating the home
  2. The yard (especially the back yard)
  3. Your pet, to prevent re-infestation of the home

Here are some tips for flea prevention in your home:

  • Vacuum often, but the bag must be thrown away and removed from the house. Even if you have a bagless vacuum, dispose of the contents in an outside trash can and wash the container in hot soapy water and allow to air dry before replacing it.
  • Focus on cleaning and treating pet beds or other areas where pets spend most of their time when resting in the home
  • Remember to clean and treat under family beds, behind curtains and don’t forget the hallways
  • When treating outdoors, treat under/around porches and decks, under bushes and around trees and other shaded areas

Remember to call Bio-Tech Pest Control if you have additional questions about flea control, or if you think you may have wild animals getting into the yard bringing in these fleas, we can help with trapping and removal as well. Contact us or call 281-296-6022 and we’d be happy to help.

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