Fierce Fire Ants

May 9, 2015 | Uncategorized

Fire ants have occupied Texas for a long time, making every resident aware of their presence and often talking about the severity of their stings. Fire ants are aggressive and move quickly, causing pain with their stings and discomfort from their bites. Unlike many other species of ants that bite and then spray acid on the wound, fire ants bite to get a grip and then sting from the abdomen and inject a painful toxic venom. A child standing in a neighbor’s lawn years ago was unaware she was standing directly on a fire ant’s nest. Within seconds dark shades covered the lower halves of her legs and immediately the realization that fire ants were crawling up her legs and beginning to sting set in.

Biting and Stinging Fire Ants

Ant hills are easily identified when uncovered and exposed, but can be difficult to see when the ants have built their nest in a lawn or other unexpected locations. Fire ants are a major pest, stinging people, pets, livestock, damaging landscape and they have even been known to attack native animals. Where fire ants are known to be present, it is important that you do not have picnics on the ground, go barefoot outside, lay on the lawn or stand too long in one area. These actions will put you at a higher risk of being stung by a quickly moving army of fire ants.

Economic Fire Ant Destruction

Fire ants can cause major economic dysfunction. Fire ants have a habit of eating or damaging seeds, over time this will cause significant changes in an ecosystem. Fire ants are a predatory insect, attacking other insects that pollinate local plants. This impacts the quality and life of your gardens, landscape and crop life. Fire ants are also known to tunnel through roots and stems of plants, killing them off completely. The agricultural industry often falls victim to the fire ant. New born animals are prone to attacks by these ants that can ultimately lead to the animal’s death. Fire ants will attack a young animal and begin to sting them in and around their eyes which will cause the animal to go blind. Fire ants will also sting the new born animal around their nose and mouth, leading to the suffocation of the animal and untimely death.

Damaging Fire Ants

The damage caused by the fierce fire ant is more than just a pest nuisance. This aggressive insect has the potential to harm our ecosystem, our agriculture and have even been known to damage electrical equipment. Fire ants are a pain to deal with, especially on your own. Bio-Tech Pest Control knows exactly what it takes to wipe out fire ants from your property, protecting you and your family from their painful stings and keeping your garden and landscape out of harm’s way. Contact Bio Tech Pest Control to eliminate fire ants permanently.

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