What is your Favorite Protein? Chicken? Fish? Cricket Flour?

Jan 31, 2015 | Uncategorized

Ok now, we are all aware of the many cultures and countries that actually EAT insects as part of their diets; on purpose! In American culture it is almost a taboo to even consider such a thing, after all bugs are dirty, disgusting things that many pay to have removed and killed from their homes or businesses!

Don’t other countries eat bugs because there is not enough food for the populations? We live in America and we have plenty of food, right? Well if we were to dig into the many foods we enjoy here, you will find that much of it comes from other countries and some of those countries eat bugs! Why don’t they just eat their food instead of eating bugs? Could it be that some people actually enjoy bugs as part of their diet? The thought is just so icky for many to even consider, but the truth is that many cultures have used insects as part of their diet for hundreds of years. The funny part is that there are insect parts in much of the processed food we eat everyday, not on purpose, but there is a certain number that is acceptable by those that regulate the plants and factories that process our foods.

There are several companies that have started the push to using cricket flour to make several foods that can be purchased. Their marketing strategy is that is takes far less land to farm them, less methane gas released into the atmosphere and overall it is better for the environment. Then there are the nutritional facts that are paraded to encourage a healthier diet. Even with all the science behind this trend it is difficult if not impossible for some to get the food past their lips! For now it remains a relatively small demand but who knows what the future may bring? There are several cricket farms in the U.S. and Canada that deliver thousands of live crickets for the production of cricket flour. A quick look on the internet and you too can order yourself some tasty treats made with cricket flour!

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