Fall Weather Pests

Oct 19, 2017 | pest control

Looks like the cooler weather is finally showing up and with the new season, we’ll find it’s time to take care of those Fall Weather Pests that come with it. Here in Southeast Texas, when the temperature can change from cool, to warm to cold, sometimes all in the same week, we need to prepare for those pests that are looking for shelter in or around your home.

Time to rake up and remove fallen leaves, twigs, bark and other organic lawn matter around the yard. Remember, it’s not just about aesthetics. A couple of things Fall Weather Pests are looking for at this time of year will be a place to hide from predators and the elements as well as food and water. Piles of leaves or even cords of wood, left in the yard, too close to the perimeter of the house can turn into an insect winter resort. It not only provides great nesting material, it can provide cover for both predator and prey and bring on insects, rodents and other unwanted pests trying to get into your home for those even chillier nights to come. If the leaf piles have been sitting for more than a day, make sure to use gloves to avoid what might be hiding. And it’s not just leaf piles. Make sure to pick up other items left out in the yard. Empty flower pots, buckets and jars are just some of the other places that can collect water to entice insects or provide hiding spots for pests to thrive on.

Also keep an eye on overhanging branches and overgrown bushes that can provide a bridge for insects to enter your home. Do a home perimeter check to look for entryways around pipes that enter the structure or even cracks and crevices that you could seal. Check your door sweeps for wear or if you don’t have them, consider installing them on front and back doors as well as garage. With the cooler weather, we may enjoy opening windows for the cool breezes. Remember to check the window screens and repair or replace any rips or tears that would also provide easy access for Fall Weather Pests into your home. Don’t forget the gutters. Rotting leaves are a favorite harborage site for some Fall Weather Pests. Preventative maintenance goes a long way in keeping most pests out of your home. For more information on Home Pest Control, contact us at 281-296-6022. Plan ahead before Fall Weather Pests make your home, their home.

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