6 Steps for Fall Pest Prevention

Sep 23, 2019 | Home Pest Control, pest control

Fall pest prevention

6 steps for Fall pest prevention

It may not feel like it but the hot weather has finally peaked and it is time to think about fall pest prevention. There are many daily habits you should continue, regardless of the weather. Daily vacuuming and sweeping up crumbs will reduce a pests food source. Food left out, whether from people or pets will attract insects and rodents alike. Pick up and put away pet food after your furry friend is done eating.

While there are many other steps you can take for getting your home prepared, we have 6 steps that will set you in the right direct for fall pest prevention.

  1. Humid areas and moisture accumulation attract pests. Make sure attic and crawl spaces are well ventilated. Same for the home living areas. Use a dehumidifier if needed to keep moisture accumulation down. Roaches can survive up to a month without food but must have water to thrive.
  2. Replace cracked or peeling weather stripping and door sweeps. If any light can peep through, know that a pest can use this as a point of entry. Some pests can enter areas the width of a dime.
  3. Keep gutters cleared and clean to allow fall rains to drain away from the home. Pests such as wasps and yellow jackets have been known to make their nests both inside and beneath gutters and stagnant water in clogged gutters can provide areas for mosquitoes to breed.
  4. Keep mulch from touching the home’s foundation and turn the mulch periodically to keep dampness down. Mulch against the home’s foundation may increase the chance for termites to access the wood portions of your home both around and underneath. Other pests may use mulched areas for nesting.
  5. Check exterior areas of your home for gaps like soffits, fascia boards and roof vent openings. Fill with expanding foam or repair if needed. Cracks can be sealed with caulk or steel wool to because rodents, scorpions and other pests may enter this route.
  6. Keep shrubbery and tree limbs trimmed back and away from home or foundation. If left to touch your home, this pathway allows insects and rodents to use this route to make their way into your house.

If you find you are not handy or need help, hiring a contractor to seal up these areas will go a long way.

Make professional pest control part of your annual routine home maintenance. Your pest professional can seal larger areas where ongoing rodent issues have been accessing.

Pests may be hidden but won’t be for long if left unchecked.

Vigilance is key. Fall pest prevention is important so you keep a pest-free environment for your family’s home.  If you think you may have a pest infestation or other pest issues or are just looking to keep pests from entering your home, contact  Bio-Tech Pest Control today at 281-296-6022.


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