Have You Ever Been Kissed?

Jul 24, 2014 | Uncategorized

Before you answer that, you may want to reconsider, who or what? Now any kiss, particularly a first kiss is not really common. But it seems that there is a pest associated with ‘common kissing’, and that little kisser is looking to share more than a kiss! “Chagas Disease”, a tropical parasitic infection that is spread by the kissing bug may be more widespread that thought in southern Texas!


The Triatomine bug also known as the kissing bug plays host to the parasite that causes Chagas Disease! This disease is not to be taken lightly; it should be taken very seriously, because just like any special kiss the kissing bug can be a real problem for your heart, causing cardiomyopathy, which can break your heart!


If humans are going to protect themselves from chagas they need to be aware of its existence. The kissing bug is being identified as the cause of many dog deaths in Texas. These poor dogs are just falling over … dead from a heart attack. It is important to raise awareness so that this disease does not become a problem in Texas. It is finally being reported to the CDC by Doctors offices so that the disease can be tracked. Chagas is very common in Mexico, Central and South America, so it is a real concern for Texas.


It is not a panic situation, but education is an important tool in a potential victim’s arsenal. These pests can be found in cracks, brush and wood piles.  Preventative maintenance around your home and dog kennels is essential.  These kissing bugs that love to bite around your mouth, attracted by the carbon monoxide you breathe out, suck your blood like a tick, but it is not the bug itself that transfers the disease; it is transferred by the feces! After feeding, they will leave behind a treat that irritates the skin which inevitably leads to scratching and it is easy for an opening in the skin to develop, transmitting the disease into the blood stream. This is a miserable, chronic disease, so prevention is your best course! Be safe; call us at Bio-Tech for any pest concerns and have a happy, healthy, pest free summer!

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