Is this an Entry for Pests?

Jan 9, 2015 | Uncategorized

Is there a mouse living with you or maybe two? Are roaches testing your tasty treats? Is there a spider web in the corner of your closet? If so, there is probably a spider that goes with it! And you were so excited to not have to dodge the summer stingers anymore. With the cold weather come new intruders. They have spent all summer long playing pest games and now all energy will be spent getting into a warm cozy home! Not all entries are as obvious as this picture; some are little cracks on the outside of the house or maybe the new fax line that was installed is a new way in. If not yet, it will be unless the area is sealed!

Once inside the pests soon realize that they have hit the jackpot; not only have they scored on a warm home, but you are providing them with all the food they could possibly eat! Do not despair however … there are things that can be done to make your home one with no vacancies!

WHO is looking?

* Mice / Rats / Squirrels

* Roaches / Beetles

* Spiders

* Pantry Pests

* Cluster Flies

* Stink Bugs

* Silverfish

* Centipedes

These are just the most common pests that started searching as soon as the cooler weather started so they wouldn’t be caught without a home for their entire pest family and friends! Just the thought of pests living amongst you is enough to send some to mother’s until the problem is GONE!

How do I keep them OUT?

* Rule #1; Take care of home repairs as soon as possible as once there is a way in, your home will be listed on all their social media sites!

* During December with all the decoration boxes that will be brought out of their storage homes, these should be opened outside and checked for signs of pests.

* Your tree; whether fresh cut, from storage or newly purchased from a store, be sure to open and check it over carefully (before it’s bought inside) for live insects or egg sacs that may be hiding.

* Going on a hike for a day in the mountains or forest; unless it is freezing, ticks are still a concern.

* Pantry Pests are an added bonus in the bag of flour, oats, cereal or pasta that you just purchased. To keep the microscopic eggs from hatching in your warm cozy home, place in the freezer for 72 hours.

* Seal cracks and crevices; make sure to look on the roof at the vents and chimney that may provide an easy way in.

* Keep those beautiful trees trimmed away from your home or business.  They can become a pest highway!

* Weather stripping on doors and windows should be replaced if they are damaged.

I did everything I was supposed to and they are still here!

There are many areas that can easily be missed regarding pests and the devastation that can be caused, especially for the novice! With just a call, we can have an experienced technician do a complete inspection. After the inspection, the technician will educate you on the findings and help to develop a custom plan, to evict the intruders and ensure that their entries are closed! Bio-Tech specializes in making sure that the outside pests remain outside!

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