Don’t Make these Mistakes when Treating Termites; call for Professional Termite Control Treatments!

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A termite is a small, soft body insect that is usually found living in a large colony and near a food source like a house. Most homes are made from wood framing which is a great place for a colony of termites to live and eat. They can also be found near trees and forests where they can devour trees in no time at all and leave them starved for life. When you realize you have a termite problem you need to act fast. Termites tend to go unnoticed for a long period of time and when they are found out have usually done more damage than you think.

There are several termite mistakes that you want to avoid and Bio-Tech Pest Control has made a list for you:

Utility Work: When a termite infestation is being treated in your lawn area, many times it is with a liquid soil treatment. When you have any gas, plumbing or electrical work done that disrupts your lawn in any way you can be sure that the treatment has also been disrupted. Be sure that if this happens, you have your pest control company out to replace any interrupted treatment.

Too Much Mulch: Mulch can add character to your home and garden. It is also a great ground cover around plants and trees and can add nutrients to the plants around it. Termites also love mulch and if you have too much around your home and property, you are making a great place for termites to nest and feed. Most mulch is made from broken down trees which is exactly what termite’s main food is.

Firewood Stacks: Many homes have wood burning stoves and chimneys. Some people use wood for crafting and building and can have it stacked around a home. When you stack the wood pile near the home, it is a great welcome sign for termites. They love to eat wood and once they start on the wood pile they are sure to find their way into your home. Move your pile of wood away from your home and out in the open or near a shed that is not connected to the house.

DIY Products: Termites are a really difficult pest to get rid of. Many people think that they can simply go to the store and pick up an over the counter product. These products can help a little but will not be able to kill off a colony.

Professional Termite Inspections, Treatment, Control & Prevention in Spring Texas

You need to be sure that if you suspect termites you call a professional right away. Bio-Tech Pest Control offers expert inspections and termite control services to rid your home of termites.

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