Cricket Invasion, Texas Style

Sep 23, 2014 | Uncategorized

If you’re a Texan you have been through this before. For a Texan it is an annual event, but to those of you that are new to Texas it may be quite an experience. Every year at the onset of fall, when the Texas heat starts to cool and the rains come, the crickets are in full breeding mode. So what exactly attracts them to our homes and businesses? Crickets spend the summer heat looking for shade to keep cool and are on the constant look out for predators but come fall they come out of the shade searching for places to congregate and breed! It is hard to believe that many of them have stayed so well hidden all summer long. If your home or business is close to a well lit field you are in their direct line of fire! Short of  being a source of horror for those that are terrified of things that hop, crawl, slither and fly, these crickets are not harmful and do not bite. Many say that the unpredictability of which way they will hop is anxiety provoking, especially when they land in your hair!   If anything a basement full of them will eat all of the unwanted bug parts that litter the floor.


At present the best advice is to keep outside lights off at night as this attracts them, but if you must have a light, there are some that are less attractive to a cricket as they seem to have a color preference! Mercury vapor lights are most attractive; they put off a bluish-white light source. Instead use a Sodium vapor light which gives off a yellowish light. These lights are actually on different wavelengths! No lights is the best, however for many businesses, parking lots and some homes, exterior lighting is needed.  Do your shopping in the daylight hours, because by nightfall you will likely be fighting your way through the masses to get to the door! Be sure to seal any open areas around the lights that will allow entry into your home or business. Some people find steel wool stuffed around the fixtures quite helpful. Crickets are a part of nature’s balance, and every so often they will make their presence much more aggravating; this may be one of those years.  We at Bio-Tech are hoping that all can take the invasion like a true Texan as it will be over soon. For any that are having extreme problems at their homes and businesses, give us a call for assistance!

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