Cockroaches trigger allergies

Apr 19, 2019 | roach control

Seasonal allergies bring dread to those of us with sensitivities. Allergy symptoms include a rash, chest tightness, chronic stuffy nose and frequent ear and sinus infections. But did you know cockroaches trigger allergies as well? The allergens are concentrated in their body parts and fecal matter they leave behind as they scurry across your home. The allergens become airborne and trigger allergy or even asthma symptoms.

cockroaches trigger allergies

Cockroaches trigger allergies.

Even if you have not seen roaches in your home, eliminating conducive conditions to keep cockroaches out of your family’s living space. Taking a pro-active approach to making your home less susceptible to roach infestation should include:

  • Reducing clutter-pests use these areas for shelter.
  • Don’t leave pet food in bowls all this provides accessible food sources.
  • Vacuum and mop regularly.
  • Wipe away crumbs and spills right away.
  • Keep pantry food in tightly sealed, air-tight containers to avoid contamination.
  • Check and repair water leaks around the home. Most pests thrive in areas where moisture accumulates.

Cockroaches can be hiding in walls and other out of the way areas where they shelter and breed.

Have your pest professional do a thorough check and treat your home to target areas where roaches may be entering or living in your home. Treating cracks and crevices helps eliminate potential hiding spaces.

Remember, while you have no control over the seasons, you do have control over reducing conducive conditions that can lead to cockroach infestations that could trigger allergies or asthma issues. While this won’t get rid of all allergy and asthma triggers, you can control some of your environmental factors and provide a cleaner, healthy, pest-free environment for you and your family.

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