Cluster What? Cluster Flies!

Dec 26, 2014 | Uncategorized

During the summer months most homes are visited by that disgusting pesky fly that buzzes around at all the most inopportune times; like when the fly swatter is out of reach or hands are full or busy! Thank goodness flies are one pest that is not normally around when fall and winter arrive! Not so fast, your joy may be a bit premature, as there IS a fly that seeks out a winter home; the Cluster Fly! There is a chance that they are wintering in the wall voids and attics of your home right now! If it makes you feel better, they do not reproduce when they are visiting your place. When there is an unusually warm day with the sun shining, (they happen) these flies will become active and come out of their snug homes into your living and working space, confused and searching for a way out! Maybe opening the door for them would help?  Probably NOT!


Cluster Flies are larger than the house fly, and are not known to carry any diseases that are harmful to man. Somehow that does not make most of us WANT them to hang around for the winter. They usually do not cause any damage but may leave stains from their excrement! On the up side they are really easy to swat with the swatter, as they are not as quick as the normal house fly!



Keeping them OUT is the best prevention! Inspect for cracks around doors, windows, siding, utility pipes, chimneys, under the fascia and any other openings. These should be sealed with silicone or silicone-latex caulking. Of course all screens on the doors and windows should be repaired or replaced if they are damaged. Proper screening offers the opportunity to open windows or doors on beautiful days allowing the home to be refreshed without the pests entering! Unfortunately for many areas this is one of the pests that are looking for a warm place to stay for winter. Others that may be found hiding out in your home are: Asian Lady Beetle, Western Conifer Seed Bug, and the Boxelder Bug!  If you are having problems with any of these rude invaders, give Bio-Tech a call for an inspection and assistance with a plan of action to keep your home off the pest market!

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