Can I Just Treat the Inside or Outside of my House for Pests like Fleas, Cockroaches and Rodents?

Sep 27, 2015 | Uncategorized

Most people don’t want anything to do with pests of any kind. This goes for bugs, insects, arachnids and rodents. When you come across one of these little critters in your home, you are housing more than you think. Pests are very sneaky and are able to hide in small spaces that we cannot see.

Bio-Tech Pest Control has come up with some areas that you should have treated by a professional on a regular basis:

Outside Pest Control – There are many reasons that you need to treat the property that is around your house. You may be thinking that you just don’t want the pests inside so you can just have the inside sprayed, but this is just not true. The outside perimeter of the house is where all the pests are living a normal life and are just waiting for an opportunity to sneak inside. Many spiders and flying pests such as mosquitoes are around the home and are not wanted inside. When you have the outdoor area treated it will keep many of the pests looking for another place to stay and should eliminate the amount of pests that actually make it inside your home.
Inside Pest Control – This area is really cut up into areas of the house that need to be treated. Some people want to skip a room here and there. This is a bad idea. If you think about the size of a bug or insect they are very small. They don’t need much room to live and live comfortably. When you think about skipping a room; think again. This is just enough for a pest to come in and start their nests uninterrupted. It is always a good idea to have your entire house treated including kitchens, bathroom and all bedrooms. You don’t want to leave an opening for the pests. You also want to be sure to not to skip the garage. This is a great place that seems to be less sealed and protected from the outdoors and can house more insects and bugs than the inside of the house.

Professional Pest Control for your Entire Property; Inside and Out

One way that you can make your pest control service count the most is to make sure that you have your homes picked up so that the technician can get to each room and spray or treat it. You should also be sure that you ask for the outdoors and around the home to be treated as well.

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