A Beetle Invasion in Texas

Jul 2, 2014 | Uncategorized

The Carabid Beetle has invaded south central Texas. Actually they have been here for years but there have been many concerned residents calling to report huge clusters of these pests teaming up outside their homes, fearing that these pests will find a way inside.

2014 has brought about a ‘Beetle Invasion in Texas’, not to be confused with the ‘Beatles Invasion from England in the 1960’s’. Now they both have the ability to make people ‘scream’ (specifically females) although for entirely different reasons.  Neither beetle/Beatles are harmful to humans, unless you count the extreme excitement at the sheer sight of them. The Beatles from England were great to listen to and even better to look at, where the Carabid Beetle is not so attractive and quietly invades! 

It is not clear why the current population of these beetles is so high although the recent rains have probably been a factor. They are predatory insects, ground foragers and are considered to be beneficial because they eat many of the pests that destroy crops. They are additionally not a health or sanitation threat to humans. As with many other insect populations, there are advantages and disadvantages. Insect authorities feel there is no need to worry about controlling these insects as the numbers should drop to the normal level in a couple more weeks. 

Interestingly, in the mid 19th century in England, there was a sort of “Beetle Craze” where many people collected the different species of beetles. The different sizes and variation of colors and patterns was a draw to many of those that became collectors. It is funny that England has had a Beetle Craze in 2 different centuries.

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