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Dec 10, 2014 | Uncategorized

Bio-Tech’s blog pages are published to offer pertinent information to our clients and communities about how to prevent pest problems in their homes and businesses. We want to keep residents in our local communities safe and healthy. We enjoy sharing our expertise and experience and educating people on the pests in the Greater Houston area that we service. As it turns out … our blogs are the bomb! is a site that searches hundreds of pest control blog sites for blogs that offer real help to readers. They then highlight these blog sites on their published list. They do have some criteria; a blog site must:


– Educate the reader on the topic thereby showing the pest company is an expert in the profession.

– Deal with issues that pertain to their local market, which is especially true to some pest problems.

– Be written by real people! A good blog gives a sense of authenticity and helps you trust the writer.


Bio-Tech is honored to be featured on this site We pride ourselves on being professional and attentive to the needs of the communities we service and want to help prevent pest infestations! It is always easier and less stressful to prevent pests than it is to evict them once they have made themselves at home! As we continue to provide our readers with useful information through our blog, facebook and twitter social media posts, we are thankful for our faithful followers! Bio-Tech is always a phone call away for any questions or concerns that you may have.

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