Argentine Ants

May 12, 2014 | ant control, pest control

Argentine Ants have received considerable academic attention for their invasive behavior in Mediterranean climates. Although Argentine Ants exist mainly in the southern, coastal regions of the US, the Argentine Ant is considered one of the world’s worst 100 invaders; often displacing all native ants once they are introduced in a new region.

Argentine Ants are one of the more thoroughly investigated of all ant species because of their invasive colonizing behavior; Argentine Ants are often used as model for studying other biological invasions. Some researchers believe that genetic similarities between individuals living in three of these super-colonies, one in Japan, one in the Mediterranean, and one in California, link them all into a global mega-colony of Argentine Ants, equaled in the extent of its range and population, only by human civilization itself!

Argentine Ant Map

Argentine Ant Map

Argentine Ants are very poor excavators compared to other ant species. They tend to nest in cavities present in existing structures such as, piles of leaves or other vegetation, cracks between boards and timbers, cracks in concrete, underneath stones, and even in spaces between cluttered objects in human dwellings.  During dry, hot weather, Argentine Ants will enter homes in search of food and water.

Although these pests are not immediately threatening to people, native animal species that depend on native plants in ecosystems become threatened by loss of habitat or food supply. Where Argentine Ants tend aphid colonies, populations of aphids also rise considerably, and plants that aphids feed on consequently decline. When Argentine Ants invade agricultural areas, the subsequent rise in aphid populations has been known to devastate crops. Argentine Ants can also be difficult to eliminate without professional pest control services because pesticides do not always work on them and colonies have more than one queen. If you have ants invading your home, don’t hesitate to call Bio-Tech Pest Control today at 281-296-6022 for a free evaluation and help prevent the spread of these pests!

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