April is Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month

Apr 18, 2015 | Uncategorized

Did you know that during the month of April, the Department of Agriculture focuses on Plant Pest and Disease awareness? There are over $120 billion dollars in damages throughout the US every year from plant pests. The USDA has a department that focuses on species that are most invasive and destructive. They have a list and are asking for all the citizens to help prevent the spread and problems that come with these hungry little pests.

Crop Destroying Pests

What is being destroyed and attacked? Plant pests attack crops and trees. They are a huge problem for citrus trees and can destroy an entire area in no time at all. This can cause not only problems for the USDA but for us as consumers as well. If crops and trees are ruined by these pests, the price of the remaining fruit, vegetables and crops will go up. There are other pests like the rhinoceros beetle that is making its way through coconut and palm trees. They get to the center of the tree and cause disease to set in. There are also pests that attack cotton, grains, peppers, grapes and many other plants.

Help Stop Invasive Plant Pests

The USDA cares about treating and stopping the invasion of these pests that cause disease in the crops and trees that American families grow and rely on. Many of these pests can be introduced to a new area very easily, so the help of everyone is needed to help combat these pests.
Bio-Tech Pest Control has prepared the following list of things we can do to help us stay vigilant in the fight against plant pests:
Firewood – Don’t move firewood. If you know that you will need firewood it is best to get firewood directly from the area that you will be using it. This can stop any pests that are currently on the wood to spread to the new area that you will be at.
Plants – Don’t purchase any plants and trees from a company that you are not sure where they have come from. This not only can spread to new areas but can also introduce a whole new species of pest to your area.
Produce – When traveling across state lines, buy produce when you make it to your destination. Don’t bring it with you. Each area has pests that they are prepared to deal with but bringing new pests from another state can cause an outbreak that can take out an entire crop.
Clean – When you have moved from one location to another you will want to clean off any dirt or debris from outdoor furniture before you move it. You should also wash dirt from vehicles after you have traveled to another place as well.
The USDA want the awareness passed through all people young and old, and want each person to do their part to help with the invasion of these pests that cause so much damage every year in the US. If you need help exterminating plant pests (or any other pests), call Bio-Tech Pest Control today!

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