The Ants Are Marching

Aug 13, 2014 | Uncategorized

Ant infestations are a real problem in Texas. And just to clarify, all ants are not the same and it is critical to know your enemy! Proper identification is the first step to management and will save you time and money in the long run.  Treating ants with the wrong treatment can at times do more damage than good, so if you are unsure of the invaders in and around your home or business call a professional for help! Although Texas is home to some 300 different ant varieties, not all of them are causing problems.


There are 2 that are worthy to mention now, first the ‘Black Ants’, which have been a real problem to all the river sports lovers on the Guadalupe River. The rains that we have enjoyed have also bought an invasion of these little pests. According to Canyon Lake Fire/EMS Chief, Shawn Wherry, there were 6 people hospitalized recently and many others treated for multiple ant bites. They are encouraging all to be aware of their surroundings and use repellent. A couple days after the rains have stopped the populations go back to a manageable level.


Next is the ‘Raspberry Crazy Ant’, a tiny brown hairy little ant that actually does not bite but can take over your home in no time! These are the builders of super societies, with their nests having multiple queens and millions in the population. Their numbers are so large that they can actually displace a fire ant nest! They are native to Argentina and Brazil, but have hitched rides to many of our states including Texas. It is reported that when they are on the move and busy it looks as though the ground is moving! They will and do make themselves at home in campers, trailers, homes, barns, gardens, and areas littered with debris that offer them a place to nest. These little pests must hitch a ride with you to get to a new place. So it is humans that literally spread these invasive pests. Control and treatment of these invaders is difficult and different ants require different types of treatment. If there is an ant concern around your property, it is best taken care of quickly before they have a chance to take over, as soon they may be headed to your house!  Keep the planters around your home clean and tidy so that you will notice any invasion before they are dug-in!

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