Along came a spider…

Aug 6, 2018 | pest control, Spider Control

Just like the nursery rhyme, the site of spiders might scare you off your tuffet as well, but spiders are very important to our ecosystem. For instance, did you know spiders eat more insects than birds and bats combined? They also do their part in helping to pollinate plants. This doesn’t necessarily mean you give them free reign to your home. You may want to consider spider and other insect control if you have a family member that is allergic. A spider bites effect can also be influenced by a person’s age and/or size. The young and elderly can be the most susceptible to a spider’s venom. It may be time to take a closer look around your home.

Indoor spiders are normally found in out of the way areas that are seldom used such as cluttered closets, garages, attics just to name a few. Sheds and other storage spaces also make great places for spiders to live and hide as they are rarely disturbed or cleaned. It’s once they come indoors that the issue takes greater precedence. The spider’s webs in the corner of a room in your home are unpleasant to look at but remind you there is a spider issue inside to tend to.

It’s important to note, most spiders will not bite without provocation. Spiders tend to bite people only as a means of defense. Spiders have 2 options-fight or flight. If backed into a corner, this might occur when you are putting on a seldom worn pair of shoes from the back of the closet or a shirt that may have been stored away in a cardboard box. Remember to shake out the item before putting it on to make sure no spiders or other insects are tucked into it. Or better yet, keep items that are stored from last season or only occasionally used in sealed plastic storage bins to keep pests out.

Things you can do to limit spiders and other pests from inside your home:

  • Vacuum regularly, including spiders and their webs from corners
  • Repair loose or torn screens around windows
  • Check and seal gaps around doors, including around the garage door that allows pest entry
  • Keep items stored in tightly sealed containers
  • Remove/discard paper items like piles of newspapers


One final key point to getting spiders out of your home are to remove their food source-other insects. Residual insecticide will help control insects and keep them out of your home. While we are not trying to get rid of all spiders off the planet, there are times when controlling spiders from your home becomes a necessity.  The combined efforts of both you and your pest control operator will work to provide long term spider control. Call or contact Bio-Tech Pest Control if you have questions or concerns about spiders at 281-296-6022.

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