Age of Ants; Ant Strength, Communication, Nutrition & Farming

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There is all the hype about the superhero named Ant Man! It seems pretty cool, but you should be aware of what amazing feats an ant can actually accomplish. When you look at the tiny insect you can probably assume that the thought of an ant doing anything extraordinary is silly, but in fact you will be amazed. It will start to make much more sense that they would base a comic book hero after these tiny little critters.

Amazing Facts about Ants

Ants are a small nuisance to most people and after you get rid of them you don’t think about it again. They live in colonies and have a vast array of jobs and responsibilities. Ants can be found all over the world with the exception of a few extremely cold climates. There are thousands of species that have been classified and more that have not even been recognized. Here are 5 amazing things that make these tiny insects so amazing:

STRENGTH: If you have spent any time looking at a stream of ants running around in the yard you have probably noticed the strength they can show. There have been studies that have shown that an ant can lift an object that is much larger than them and can be up to 5,000 times their weight. If you were to put this in perspective when it came to humans it could be a person lifting up 60 elephants! That’s right! These little things are SUPER strong.

COMMUNICATION: Ants can see and hear everything just the same as we can. They use another sense to communicate with each other and that is its sense of smell. They can excrete a pheromone that is used to give messages to the others in the colony about where they found the food and how to get back. The cool thing is that they pheromone is unique to that specific species.

EATING: It is amazing how much an ant can eat each day. They eat up to 1/3 of their own body weight and that also includes meat. If you put that into perspective then you should know that in terms of consumption they eat more on a daily basis than lions and tigers combined.

FARMERS: We know that ants are always on the look out for food to feed their colony and they do it all day and night. They also are known to not only find food but have been known to use materials such as vegetable to fortify their food underground.
OLD: That is right these tiny little insects have been around for over 150 million years. They were around when dinosaurs roamed the earth and continue to make advanced that make them last when times get tough.

Professional Ant Control

They may be a pretty amazing insect but they are still not wanted roaming around your kitchen. If you have a problem with these tiny superhero’s then you can call Bio-Tech Pest Control today for expert ant control!

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