A Black Twig Borer Pest Infestation is Killing Texas Trees

Aug 22, 2015 | Uncategorized

There are several types of pests that are making their way through the forests and trees of East Texas, invading the trees and sometimes even killing them off. One of the biggest problem is not the beetles that are new to the area but a beetle that has been here since the mid 1980’s. The Black Twig Borer has made its way here from Asia and is just now making people notice the effect that they are having on the trees in Texas. Bio-Tech Pest Control has looked into the effect of these beetles on our local trees and what can be done to remove this pest.

Black Twig Borer Insect

The Black Twig Borer is a tiny beetle that is only about 1/16 of an inch. Due to their small size, they are difficult to detect as they bore into the branches of the trees. There are over 220 different types of trees that are being infested by this beetle including pecan, dogwood, red maple and many more. Even plants and bushes can be attacked by these tiny plant and tree killers.

Black Twig Borer Infestation

The first sign of an infestation from these little critters is a term that is called flagging. This is when you start to notice that the twigs near the crown of the tree are starting to wilt and die. When you take a close look at the twigs that have died and fallen off you will see tiny circular holes. This is where the beetle has gained access to the tree and has invaded the interior. When the beetle enters the area it also has a fungus that it leaves behind to infect the tree. Then the females will enter the hole and lay their eggs. The eggs will hatch and the larvae is able to feed on the fungus that has grown at the entrance. They also will begin to eat the interior of the twig as well. During the winter the adult beetle will over winter and go into a hibernating state until the weather warms back up. This is when the damage starts; the adult beetle start to feed and bore even more holes and start the damaging process over again.

Black Twig Borer Pest Control

This beetle like many others can be difficult to combat but Bio-Tech Pest Control offers customized garden pest control services. Call today for an appointment and protect your garden.

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