To Get Rid of Mosquitoes – Mosquito Misting Systems are the Best Remedy

Jan 18, 2011 | mosquito control

Houston, Plano, Austin, Atlanta, Dallas are the cities in Texas that are over flooded with mosquitoes, and we are very much aware that they infect us with the deadly West Nile Virus, malaria and other diseases and cause millions of deaths every year. As we know prevention is the best cure, so its better to control the mosquito before it bites you.

During mosquito season, people will do almost anything to get relief form this, they light candles, use mosquito squatter, install bug zappers or apply any non-prescribed creams, sprays and other chemical based products on their own skin.

But mosquito misting systems or pest control systems are the answer to safe, effective mosquito control. As per experts mosquito misting systems are the best over killer that too at worse health risks. Today mosquito misting systems are completely effective and guaranteed to eliminate mosquitoes and other insects from any residential properties.

Increasingly popular are mosquito misting systems or the pest control systems that are installed around the perimeter of homes. The automated mosquito misting systems use Pyrethrum which is an active ingredient for pest control Systems and is derived from an extract of chrysanthemum flowers African Daisy. Oil is extracted from the seeds of these flowers to be used as Pyrethum. The seeds are then crushed and used to make mosquito coils burned in tropical climates around the world as a mosquito repellent.

Pyrethrum is not only control mosquitoes but also it is used for pest control systems as it activates the hidden insects, driving them from cover and into contact with the main insecticide. This “flushing” action has been most successful in the control of such pests.

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