Termites are still active in the summertime!

Aug 20, 2018 | termite control

The line you hear about termites in Texas is popular for a reason. “It’s not a matter of if termites make it to your home but when”. Termites are still active during the summer months. Termites can cause damage any time of the year. Don’t just wait until you see termites begin to swarm. In fact, if they are swarming, this usually means the colony has reached a sizable capacity and is out to form additional colonies. This Summer’s humid, rainy season will only bolster termite activity and encourage growth and infestation. With our moderate winter temperatures, a termite queen’s egg production can continue year-round.

To survive, a termite colony has three basic needs:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Shelter

Termites must have water. It helps break down the cellulose they feed on. It helps with building their nest and it helps with building their mud tubes to travel back and forth when foraging outside the confines of their nest. Moisture is a key element to sustaining termites whether in the ground or in your home.

Termites need Food. The wood building material on your home, deck, fence, outer layers of sheetrock, particle board, wood piles left out in the yard, dead or decaying tree branches, basically items with a cellulose compound are fair game for termites.

Termites must have Shelter to provide warmth for the colony to survive. Termites will burrow into the ground further in the colder months to get the warmth needed to sustain their colony and if they are in the home foundation or walls, they will get their warmth from within your home itself to survive as well.

For these three reasons, we find baiting for termites with Sentricon® Always Active Baiting System preferable to liquid treatments. We find it important to locate and eradicate the colony or colonies that could be present around your home. Sentricon® not only eliminates termites that are present, but eliminates colonies that attempt to attack later. Termites prefer the material used with Sentricon® over wood and helps the foraging termites bring back material they in turn share with the colony. Most importantly, this aids in killing off the queen and eliminating multiple colonies around the home and in the yard. Colonies from other areas are constantly foraging so we do recommend keeping up with Sentricon® annually for continued coverage and protection of your home. Sentricon® offers around-the-clock protection and retains its effectiveness 100% of the time.

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