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Memorial Area of Houston Pest Control

With its low crime rate and lovely sunsets, people are moving to the Memorial area of Houston Texas in droves. The Memorial area is a great place to live with a wonderful small town atmosphere.

Unfortunately, even in a lovely area like Memorial, you still have to deal with the occasional pest problem. That’s why Bio-Tech Pest Control is an excellent choice for keeping your home and family safe from unwelcome intruders.

We provide quick and efficient service with our top of the line technology and cutting edge pest control techniques that ensure you can rely on us to take care of any pests no matter the size or severity.

Our team of pest control inspectors and technicians will assess the needs of your home and make sure you get the right solution tailored specifically for you. If you’re looking for the best in pest control that Memorial TX has to offer, you’ll find that Bio-Tech Pest Control is a great choice. Enjoy all that living in Memorial has to offer without having to worry about pests interfering with your new lifestyle.

Do you need pest control in the Memorial, Texas area? Let Bio-Tech Pest Control remove those pests from your home and property. We all know that Texas is a great state in which to live. You just need to find a solid and dependable ally in your war against pests.

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Perhaps our greatest strength is our helpful staff.

We are not simply interested in removing the pests from your home and coming back month after month to do so again. We work with you to create a plan that will not only eliminate and remove the pests that are here today but also prevent new pests from arriving tomorrow.

Hassle Free Pest Control?

Our Memorial pest control staff will work with you to provide the safest possible means of removal for your family and family pets that will also be effective for our purposes. Whether you are facing the usual suspects such as spiders, earwigs, roaches, pharaoh ants, silverfish, centipedes, and millipedes or something that might require a little something extra, Bio Tech can help you find a solution that will work for you and your family.

We even offer a specialized treatment for general pest control that is guaranteed to last for a year or the next treatment is free.

Once-a-Year Memorial TX Pest Control Treatment

Our once-a-year-pest control treatment that is sure to please.


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Annual Home Pest Control Coupon

Call or contact us online today for more details and to set up a date that is convenient for you. This is a very limited time for this price so don’t delay. Bio-Tech Pest Control wants everyone in our communities to have a safe and pest free home!

*Only one discount per service applies, discounts cannot be combined.

Benefits of Bio-Tech’s Once-A-Year Pest Control


More Affordable


Very Thorough


Avoid Hassle Scheduling Treatments


Requires Less Chemicals


100% Guaranteed!


Pest Control

Yard Insect Control

Mosquito Control

Rodent Control

Termite Control

Flea Control

Yard Pest Control

Take back your backyard and learn to enjoy the great outdoors without worries of fire ants to keep you inside. If you really want to enjoy outdoor living once again you also need to see what we can offer by way of pest control in Memorial, Texas for ridding your lawn of mosquitoes.

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