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Humble, TX is a wonderful place – not only is it conveniently located just 30 minutes away from downtown Houston, but it also offers all of the amenities of a tight-knit hometown. Humble has recently developed a bustling downtown area, where locals can find great restaurants, local boutique stores, and fun bars and pubs.

Humble also takes great pride in their parks – there are multiple maintained trails throughout the town that make for great morning and evening walks or runs. Humble also boasts many family friendly attractions such as Splashtown Water Park and Humble Roller Oasis for some summer fun.

Despite being closely connected to the hustle and bustle of the big city of Houston, Humble still retains its small town charm with plenty of community activities such as outdoor picnics and fireworks displays – no wonder Humble is one of Texas’s best places to live!

Since 1991, we have been serving the Humble, Texas pest control area needs. You will be hard pressed to find a company that has the in depth knowledge of the local pest situation or the commitment to service that you will receive from Bio-Tech Pest Control each and every time you call on us for your pest control needs.

If you live in Humble, Texas, Bio-Tech is your best pest control option. With an A+ BBB rating and over 20 years’ experience, we take great pride in serving Humble residents. We don’t forget our commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

You will never be treated as a number or just another name on our ‘to do’ list.

Once-a-Year Memorial TX Pest Control Treatment


    Annual Home Pest Control Coupon

    Call or contact us online today for more details and to set up a date that is convenient for you. This is a very limited time for this price so don’t delay. Bio-Tech Pest Control wants everyone in our communities to have a safe and pest free home!

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    Benefits of Bio-Tech’s Once-A-Year Pest Control


    More Affordable


    Very Thorough


    Avoid Hassle Scheduling Treatments


    Requires Less Chemicals


    100% Guaranteed!


    Pest Control

    Yard Insect Control

    Mosquito Control

    Rodent Control

    Termite Control

    Flea Control

    Are you looking for pest control services in Humble, TX? Look no further than Bio-Tech Pest Control. As a reliable and experienced pest control service provider in the area, we successfully manage pest issues all across Humble and its surrounding areas.

    Our services are designed to spot, identify, and eliminate pest problems in residential properties before they become infestations.

    We employ certified pest control technicians who use effective, state-of-the-art pest treatments integrated with environmentally responsible methods that won’t harm people or pets.

    At Bio-Tech Pest Control, our goal is to provide superior pest management services while maintaining the highest standards of safety and integrity. With more than 30 years of experience in this field, our exterminator team is committed to providing high-quality service backed by highly experienced professionals who can be trusted to address all your pest needs.

    So if you’re looking for professional pest control services at reasonable prices in Humble TX, trust Bio-Tech Pest Control – your best choice for a controlling pests!

    Call us today at 281-336-0500 for a free quote.

    Effective Humble Pest Prevention and Eradication

    Are you concerned about what chemicals come into contact with your family? We are too. We utilize the IPM method of pest control, which means that we use different techniques in order to make every effort that our pest control measures pose the lowest possible impact your family (family pets included) and the environment.

    We also employ the latest technology and techniques in our pest control Humble, Texas efforts. This prevents pests from developing an immunity to our products, which will make them ineffective, and means that we are continuously improving the level of service we can offer when it comes to your pest control needs. We also offer service plans and guarantees on many of our services so you have nothing to lose but a few pests by calling on us today.

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