Crickets belong outside!

Aug 27, 2018 | yard insect control

The sounds of crickets, cicadas, katydids and other active nocturnal pests in my yard late last night lets me know fall is around the corner. I know you may be thinking, “It’s too hot to be thinking about Fall”, but not when it comes to pest control. Last year I didn’t get a jump on these pests and while a cricket in my home is not going to bite me, I still don’t like seeing any pests hiding in my sanctuary. This year I told myself I would get ready before they made their way in. As the cricket’s food sources dry up late summer, it’s only a matter of time before they try to enter my home again. It’s time to:

  • check for gaps around doorways.
  • Check openings around window screens.
  • Replace those last remaining cardboard boxes in my garage with plastic storage bins.
  • Vacuum daily to keep insects from feeding on dropped food particles/crumbs
  • Check around perimeter of home for water leaks
  • Spray around the yard and foundation area with residual material for yard insect maintenance

Crickets will climb on walls and other vertical surfaces to find their way in and around your home. They can also jump about 3 feet in the air so I definitely don’t want to be hopping around after them trying to scoot them out of the house. Keeping crickets out of my home is more than just the aesthetics. Did you know crickets have been known to chew on carpets, clothes and other household items?

Some places to look for them are in or around cardboard boxes filled with clothes, books, paper ephemera and other fibrous material.

Early pest prevention can also keep silverfish, carpet beetles and other insects from coming in and damaging items in your home as well. Having an outside yard or foundation spray treatment can be a great deterrent for keeping many insects from coming into your home. The combined efforts of both you and your pest control operator will help provide a pest free fall. Call or contact Bio-Tech Pest Control if you have questions or concerns and are ready to keep yard insects out of your home at 281-296-6022.


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