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Spiders in Warm Climates

Spider infestations are common in climates that are constantly hot with humid weather conditions (attention Houston homeowners!). While the majority of spiders do not pose much of a risk to us, bites from several species of spiders can be dangerous and life threatening to adults and children. Anyone bitten by a spider should seek immediate medical attention. There are often signs of spiders in or near a home that individuals can see to avoid bites. A few of the more troublesome spider types are listed below, but homeowners who have spider infestations should contact a pest control company for a consultation or schedule a spider eradication.

Types of Spiders in Houston, TX

While many diverse types of spiders call Houston home, some are more problematic and threatening to residents here. Some of the venomous ones to watch out for and safeguard against are the Wolf, Brown Recluse, Black Widow and Hobo spiders.

Wolf Spiders have excellent vision and can run quickly to capture prey. They are easy to recognize because of two large and six small eyes. This spider species burrows into the ground to nest, and raise young. Wolf spiders are nocturnal while hunting at night for food. Homeowners may find wolf spider nests in their yards that are camouflaged with tiny pebbles or sticks. Individuals are typically bitten on the feet or legs during the evening while outside. Bites can cause itching, pain and swelling near the puncture site. Professional pest control can eliminate dangerous spiders that live outdoors near homes.

Brown Recluse Spiders can actually be gray, dark brown, tan or creamy colored and will have three pairs of eyes. Due to a strange violin shaped marking, they are often called fiddleback spiders. They build oddly shaped webs in cellars, garages, closets and other locations inside or near homes. Bites can cause individuals to have blood cell bursting, organ damage, rashes and gangrene. Individuals who are elderly, young or have immune conditions can die from a brown recluse spider bite. The best defense against spider infestations is routine treatment from a reputable pest control company.

The Black Widow Spider is usually identified by a red hourglass shaped marking on its abdomen, but while the spider’s body is usually black, it can range in color from black, brown or gray, and the hourglass markings may also vary. The black widow spider’s venom packs a punch and can be especially dangerous for children, the elderly or those weakened due to sickness.

Individuals should inspect their homes for webs in funnel shapes. Hobo spiders create thick silky webs designed to lure insects to capture as a meal. Due to poor eyesight, this species of spider becomes aggressive when it feels threatened. Threats could include being squeezed, crushed or stepped on. Their bites are extremely painful and can lead to gangrene. Bite symptoms include tiredness, fuzzy vision and painful headaches. Hobo spiders use two spinnerets to create a web making them easier to recognize. There are chevron shaped designs on their abdomen and a pale stripe on their sternum.

Houston Spider Pest Control Experts
Fortunately most types of spiders are not ones that Houston residents need to be overly concerned about, as spiders are usually only aggressive if provoked. However, if you have them in your home you face the threat of being bitten. Depending on the type of spider, a bite may result in allergic reactions or something more severe. Children and the elderly have increased risks from spider bites and some of the more dangerous ones outlined here can be especially damaging. If a spider bite victim can collect the dead spider or describe it, then medical experts can quickly begin treatment. If you find spiders in your home or suspect an infestation, it’s best to contact Houston spider pest control experts for help.

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