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Roaches in Houston

In the United States, cockroaches are common pests. Most of the ones that Houston homeowners encounter are not native to this country, yet are prolific here. Some of the most common cockroach species are listed here and what to know to keep your home free of these disruptive pests.houston_roach_treatment

Types of Roaches

German Cockroach
Despite their name, these roaches originally come from Africa. They measure around 1.3 to 1.6 cm long and feature tan stripes on the outer edges of their wings. Like most roaches, they prefer warm places near electronics, by stoves and underneath refrigerators and water heaters.
Unlike many other species of cockroach, they carry their egg case, or ootheca, with them until it hatches, secreting a chemical to keep the embryos inside viable. Although they possess wings, they aren’t able to fly, but may use their wings to slow their descent when they jump to the ground from high places.
Oriental Cockroach
The oriental cockroach, also known as a waterbug, measures around one inch in length and is usually black. While males posses a full set of wings, the females and immature nymphs are wingless. Males are somewhat capable of flight and can reach distances of about six to nine feet. These insects are very fond of dark, moist environments such as basements, crawl spaces and other areas prone to water leaks and flooding. Unlike the German cockroach, females deposit their egg cases in random places, leaving the young to care for themselves. This makes them more vulnerable to human intervention.
American Cockroach
The name of this cockroach is deceptive. Despite its name, the roach is native to Africa and was introduced to North America in 1625. It can grow to an average length of about 4 cm and is light brown in color. Adult males and females both possess wings and are fully capable of flight. These roaches can live up to one year and produce more than 150 offspring during that time.
Palmetto Bug
The palmetto bug, which measures 1 1/2 to two inches long, is also called the Florida woods cockroach. It lives primarily in the tropical southern United States and is relatively slow-moving. While it isn’t widely considered a pest species, its ability to fly makes it annoying to some people, as well as its fondness for inhabiting bathrooms and other warm, humid environments.

Controlling Roaches in Houston, TX

Almost all roaches are attracted to an abundance of food, warmth, moisture and hiding places. In order to keep them out of your home, it is necessary to control the conditions that they find desirable. Make sure that you don’t leave food out on countertops and that you always sweep up any food bits left on the floor. It’s also helpful to secure any staples like sugar, flour, dog food and rice in air-tight sealed containers. Furthermore, keep clutter picked up, especially around appliances that produce heat such as electronics, refrigerators, dryers, furnaces and water heaters. By eliminating what attracts them, you will encourage them to leave. However, if you find your can’t control these critters by yourself, contact Bio Tech today for expert roach control advice. Our technicians can quickly identify the extent of your roach infestation and design an effective treatment.

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