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Brown Patch on your lawn?

Ever wonder what those circular spots of dead looking grass patches is on some lawns? This time of year, chances are it could be Brown Patch Fungus. Brown patch normally begins in late September or early October and runs through November or even December. The brown patch can usually […]

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Rodents – What now?

Rodents. As a homeowner, the thought of having a mouse, rat, raccoon or any other wildlife infiltrating your home can give you the heebie-jeebies. Rodents can be active year-round. Put in your due diligence and check for signs of activity. If you think you have a rodent […]

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Are Bed Bugs Common in Dorm Rooms on College Campuses?

Are Bed Bugs Common in Dorm Rooms on College Campuses? How to Get Rid of These Pests College drop offs are in full swing and bed bugs may be hitching a ride. With all the moving in and out, visitors coming and going, orientation runaround, tiny living […]

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Protect your Houston, Texas Home from Destructive Formosan & Eastern Subterranean Termites this Summer

Termites are responsible for more home damage than any other insect every single year. Termites are extremely destructive and will eat through the materials that make up your home. The structural integrity of a home is at serious risk when a home is suffering from a termite […]

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What’s bugging you?

This week I had an inquiry about a pest that was found burrowing in a box of the family’s pet hamster food. The client had another pest control company inspect the pest and determined it was a bed bug and recommended an immediate course of treatment. The […]

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Pests in the Winter

I was recently speaking with a new client that was having indoor pest issues and her concern was “I haven’t had bugs in my home since I moved in a few years back and I keep a clean home, why are these pests coming in now?” This […]

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Holiday Décor and Pest Prevention

With holidays just around the corner you’ll probably be getting down boxes of holiday décor from the attic or other storage areas. If you don’t already have them packed in hard plastic containers, now is a good time to stock up and trade out pest-loving card board […]

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How to Prevent Bed Bugs (& Get Rid of Them) this Holiday Travel Season

You may think that bed bugs would never happen to you, but you are wrong. Bed bugs are a pest that can be transferred from one person to the next simply by sitting next to one another. The bug can latch onto clothes and suitcases and will […]

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Deer Mice Information; Identification, Habitat & Droppings that Spread Hantavirus Disease

Houston is home to many different types of rodents; like mice, rats, squirrels and other furry creatures. One of the more popular species of mouse that has been running around is the deer mouse. The deer mouse is a grayish brown rodent that has a longer tail […]

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Can I Just Treat the Inside or Outside of my House for Pests like Fleas, Cockroaches and Rodents?

Most people don’t want anything to do with pests of any kind. This goes for bugs, insects, arachnids and rodents. When you come across one of these little critters in your home, you are housing more than you think. Pests are very sneaky and are able to […]

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