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Termites – Do you have them?

Termites are focused. They will relentlessly seek out wood sources to feed and grow their colony. They are looking for cellulose, which is the organic fiber found in dead wood and plant matter. They will even eat the cellulose-based material in drywall, paper and plastic. Termites never […]

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Termites-Do you know what they look like?

Termites. It’s that time of year again when most homeowners start to see termite swarmers and consider possible termite activity that might be lurking around their home. One thing to remember is termites are active the entire year, not just Spring. And with the conditions in our […]

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Protect your Houston, Texas Home from Destructive Formosan & Eastern Subterranean Termites this Summer

Termites are responsible for more home damage than any other insect every single year. Termites are extremely destructive and will eat through the materials that make up your home. The structural integrity of a home is at serious risk when a home is suffering from a termite […]

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Landscaping, Mulch and the Termite Connection

It’s that time of year to start sprucing up the garden beds and landscaping. Whether you are doing major landscaping or just adding mulch to the yard, this is the perfect time to address springtime subterranean termite swarmers when working out in the yard. Swarming termites could […]

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Termite Considerations for Homeowners

Termites: the mere mention of these tiny insects is enough to strike fear into the hearts of homeowners everywhere. Given that these hungry pests cause an estimated $1 billion in damages each year to American homeowners, this fear could be considered well-founded. Over the years, termite treatment […]

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Houston Termites

It’s Springtime! The frost is beginning to thaw. The sun is shining brighter and warmer. The flowers are starting to bloom. Houston termites are becoming more active. The…what? Okay, so maybe termite season isn’t something to celebrate. It’s definitely not something to ignore or be unprepared for […]

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How to Kill Termites Effectively

There’s no need for you to move to another house just because termites have started living with you. There are ways and methods to learn how to kill termites as well as various companies that will do it for you. Know how to kill termites now and […]

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Termite Control – A Must For Your House

The topic of termite control and how to achieve it is often a tricky one and that is because you are never sure of the results promised by professional pest control agencies despite paying them the high fees they charge. The result is that many people go […]

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How to Prevent Termites – Termite Prevention Tips

Do you know how to prevent termites? These dangerous insects can bring your whole house down if you have a wooden house! Termites live on wood and cause havoc by eating outwards on chunks of wood or structural elements that prop up your house! Annual inspections of […]

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Professional Termite Pest Control

In part 3 of our series on termite control – “Termite Prevention” – we talked about some of the basic warning signs of a possible termite problem and steps you can take as a homeowner to reduce the risk of termite damage. If you find the problem […]

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