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Getting Rid of House Mice & the Diseases They Carry

There are many kinds of mice that are found in the Greater Houston, Texas area but the most common species found terrorizing locals is the dreaded house mouse. Like many rodents, house mice usually gain entry into homes and businesses by squeezing in through crevices, cracks and […]

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Game of Pests, Winter is coming!

Ever feel you’re battling your own “Game of Thrones” with the pest seasons? You just want to protect your own kingdom. Keep the structure safe from the infiltrating pests and rodents from finding that one small break in the walls and sneak in right under your nose. […]

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Attention Houston home owners – do you hear them?

You hear them. At night. You can’t sleep. Scratching, clawing, squeaking while they scurry around inside your walls. At work you can’t concentrate, thinking of those little creatures tearing through your cupboards at home. Maybe they’re even smiling with their disease-carrying fangs as they happily munch on […]

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Controlling Rodent Problems

You think you’re safe… then think again! Your home could be infested with rodents. Did you know that there are sixty-four species of native rodents occupying Houston Texas, making this the most diverse group of mammals in the state?  Knowing how to deal with rodent problems and […]

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Rodent Control in Houston, TX

No matter what steps you take, as long as you’re a Houston home owner, expect yourself to do some rodent control. Rats and mice prefer living in human shelters because of its warmth, comfortable living spaces and easy food sources. It’s normal to have the threat of […]

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Houston Rodent Removal

Do you have a rodent problem? If so, it may be time to call a rodent removal professional. Rodents not only carry disease but also cause damage to property and contaminate food sources. According to the national fire association, rodents chewing on wires cause about 7% of […]

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New System Tracks Down Hard to Find Rodent Entry Points

Keeping your property free of rats and mice is a perpetual problem for home and property owners. New York City recently put noted rodentologist Bobby Corrigan on the payroll full time to combat its burgeoning rat problem. Heading a beefed-up squad of special inspectors known as the […]

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Keeping Your House Free of Mice and Rodents

Keeping Your House Free of Mice & Rodents Mice and rat infestation can be a serious problem. They can spoil and foul food, and spread disease. No one likes to share their homes with rodents. You throw out food, spend hours cleaning up their droppings and listen […]

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Rodent Pest Control

Author: Mark Rogers Rodent pest control involves discouraging infestations of mice and rats as well as avoiding contact with rodents. This generally involves removing shelter, water, and food sources. This is done by first sealing holes around the home to prevent invasion. This may involve inserting barriers […]

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Rodent And Animal Control For Your Home

Author: Fran Phalin We all like to satisfy our winter needs for a warm, safe place with plenty of food in the pantry. But so do rodents and other animals. When these pests intrude on our property, it becomes a situation much like kicking out the unwelcome […]

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