Wait! Don’t Kill that Bug!

Some bugs and insects are actually good to have around. Although there are many bugs and insects that should be eliminated because of their not so good repertoire, there are some that can benefit your garden and can even help to eliminate some pests that you would […]

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Ticks – Not Just a Concern for Dogs

Are ticks just a concern for dogs? If you answered yes then you are wrong. Although ticks are usually associated with dogs they can cause trouble for people as well, if not worse. What is a tick anyways? It is not a spider or an insect; it […]

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Texas Spiders

Texas is obviously a big state and home to many different animal life, insects and spiders. It is no surprise that Texas is home to nearly 980 species of spiders. The thought of that many species of spiders crawling around the state can leave an unsettling feeling […]

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Fierce Fire Ants

Fire ants have occupied Texas for a long time, making every resident aware of their presence and often talking about the severity of their stings. Fire ants are aggressive and move quickly, causing pain with their stings and discomfort from their bites. Unlike many other species of […]

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2015 Best of The Woodlands Pest Control

Every year The Best of The Woodlands TX chooses the very best in many areas of industry expertise. They take a lot into account and look at what businesses have to offer and what the customers think of each business and staff under consideration. Members vote for […]

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Mist Away the Mosquito Season

Mosquito season is just around the corner. Hot days, warm nights and some humidity are all very inviting to mosquitoes. As humans, we provide the ideal lifestyle for mosquitoes. We always have a water source for them to breed in, we are (mostly) hairless mammals and we […]

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April is Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month

Did you know that during the month of April, the Department of Agriculture focuses on Plant Pest and Disease awareness? There are over $120 billion dollars in damages throughout the US every year from plant pests. The USDA has a department that focuses on species that are […]

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Mistaway Mosquitoes

The spring and summer seasons bring on many fun things including more time outside and lots of activities like swimming, camping and outdoor barbecues. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year that many types of flying bugs start their adventures in nature as well. This can […]

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Swarming Nuisances

There are many pleasantries that are associated with the warmer weather that is quickly approaching; like picnics, barbecues, local sporting events and time spent at the lake or backyard swimming pools. However, there are some aspects we’d much rather forget. Along with the spring and summer warmth […]

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Scorpion Savvy

As Texas citizens, we find enjoyment in the many successes our state has to offer. Texas is an excellent producer of wind energy, we can find the best tasting comfort food on any corner and our state fairs our second to none. One frill that is not […]

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