Grasshopper Garden Control: How to Deter, Repel and Eradicate Grasshoppers

Spring rainfall has brought a great many grasshoppers to the area, making it feel almost like an invasion from these small leaping insects. While grasshoppers can be fun to watch hop around, they can do a significant amount of damage on local crops and vegetation. Grasshoppers can […]

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Mosquito Magnet Madness; Bites, Prevention Repellant and Control

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying insects that humans have to deal with. The warmer parts of the year sometimes make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors with the significant amount of mosquitoes that are present. Backyard barbeques, little league baseball games and a fun day […]

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Bio-Tech Pest Control – Untamed and Uncut Africanized Killer Bee Attacks

Africanized honey bees also commonly referred to as Africanized bees or killer bees are descended from South African bees which were imported by Brazilian Scientists in 1956. The scientists were hoping to produce a breed of honey bee by cross breeding a European bee which did not […]

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Worms Armageddon? Worms have a Compass in their Brain!

The earth’s magnetic fields are what is used to make a compass work. This magnetic pull is virtually undetectable to a human and can only be determined with a compass or other scientific gear. Scientists have always suspected that there is some mechanism in some animals and […]

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Identifying Summer Stinging Insects

This is the time of year that flying and stinging insects are out in abundance. This is because of the warmer weather and the fact that most people are spending more time around large water sources such as pools, rivers and lakes. This is the perfect atmosphere […]

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What Attracts Mosquitoes: How to Repel them from your Yard

As we continue to move into the summer months the days are longer and temperatures in the Houston and outlying areas are soaring into the low 90’s. Almost everyone agrees that we love to spend time outdoors. Unfortunately spending any amount of time outside the home also […]

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Fire Ant Problems and Treatment Following Recent Floods

Fire ants are one of the most annoying pests that residents of Texas come into contact with. Fire ants inflict painful bites and move at incredible speeds, covering their victims before they realize what is happening. Fire ants can appear out of nowhere when raking up leaves, […]

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I have Bed Bugs! What do I do now? Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Bed bugs have been found all over the United States and no one is immune. Bed bugs have been found in all walks of life; from hotels, hospitals and even schools. One of the worst things about bed bugs is how easily and quickly they can transfer […]

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Fun and Interesting Pest Control Facts

Household Pest Control Pests and insects that successfully gain entry into your home can be easily eliminated when a professional is called in to take care of the job. Household pests range anywhere from cockroaches to ants to severe termite infestations. Sometimes home owners do not realize […]

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Flea Infestations

Fleas are one of the most annoying insects that humans come in contact with. These small insects love to feed on the blood of humans, cats, dogs and any other warm blooded animal that it can sink itself into. If you are a pet owner then you […]

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