Are Bed Bugs Common in Dorm Rooms on College Campuses?

Are Bed Bugs Common in Dorm Rooms on College Campuses? How to Get Rid of These Pests College drop offs are in full swing and bed bugs may be hitching a ride. With all the moving in and out, visitors coming and going, orientation runaround, tiny living […]

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Gnats, Flies and the drain game

I seem to get a higher volume call this time of year for flies and gnats in the home, predominantly in the kitchen area. Gnats are small little flies that you find around fruit, drains and houseplants. The gnats do have a purpose in the food chain […]

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Protect your Houston, Texas Home from Destructive Formosan & Eastern Subterranean Termites this Summer

Termites are responsible for more home damage than any other insect every single year. Termites are extremely destructive and will eat through the materials that make up your home. The structural integrity of a home is at serious risk when a home is suffering from a termite […]

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And the millipede parade begins…

Millipedes might be fun to watch as a kid but as a grown up, it’s annoying to see them in your living room and worse, seeing your cat play with them. Millipedes prefer to live in moist, shady areas out in the garden but recent heavy rains […]

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Unwanted Visitors- Fire Ants

The heavy, consistent rain has brought to the surface fire ant mounds almost overnight. The saturated soil has forced them to build above ground making simply walking in your yard a not so fun game of “tiptoe and avoid the ants”. Many of us remember as kids […]

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Landscaping, Mulch and the Termite Connection

It’s that time of year to start sprucing up the garden beds and landscaping. Whether you are doing major landscaping or just adding mulch to the yard, this is the perfect time to address springtime subterranean termite swarmers when working out in the yard. Swarming termites could […]

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What’s bugging you?

This week I had an inquiry about a pest that was found burrowing in a box of the family’s pet hamster food. The client had another pest control company inspect the pest and determined it was a bed bug and recommended an immediate course of treatment. The […]

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Mosquitoes are back!

As we get ready for the upcoming rain and humid days and with mosquitoes being a hot topic in our area, learning all you can for mosquito prevention goes a long way. There are some steps you can take to help discourage the mosquito population around your […]

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Pests in the Winter

I was recently speaking with a new client that was having indoor pest issues and her concern was “I haven’t had bugs in my home since I moved in a few years back and I keep a clean home, why are these pests coming in now?” This […]

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What Happens to Mosquitoes in Winter; do they Migrate or Hibernate?

It’s the time of year when holiday parties, festive feasts and exchanging gifts are enjoyed by family and friends. Cold weather is associated with Christmas trees, snowmen and even the occasional snow ball fight. One thought that doesn’t usually cross our minds during this time of year […]

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