Argentine Ants

Argentine Ants have received considerable academic attention for their invasive behavior in Mediterranean climates. Although Argentine Ants exist mainly in the southern, coastal regions of the US, the Argentine Ant is considered one of the world’s worst 100 invaders; often displacing all native ants once they are […]

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Mosquito: the Insect Vampire

Nothing is quite as irritating to the early evening outdoor barbeque as the elegant but bloodthirsty mosquito.  Elegant?  The mosquito is an impressive looking insect when studied in detail.  It is frail, harmless in appearance, but so attracted to mammalian blood, one would think it senses blood […]

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Lord of the Fly Swatter and Why It May Not Be Prudent To Use

William Golding’s 1954 novel, “Lord of the Flies” evokes disturbing images of a severed boar’s head impaled on a wooden pole, swarming with flies.  It seems there is no one who actually likes the common house fly – a slight simplification because there are more than 16,000 […]

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Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes?

Country singer Jim Stafford’s girlfriend may not have appreciated being presented with a frog down at the old swimming hole.  She responded that “spiders and snakes” were “…not what it takes to love me,” but what does it take to love a spider?  The answer may be […]

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Attention Homeowners – Don’t Get Fooled by Your Pest Control Company!

The common idiom, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” is the perfect explanation of why a once-a-year pest control inspection and treatment is recommended to stay in control over home invasion by irritating to potentially dangerous and damaging pests, insects and […]

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A Pest Control Diary

Michael is a pest control officer who agreed to be followed for a typical day of seeing residents with pest invasions.  Michael assured that it was a typical day of familiar calls.  One general observation he made on several occasions indicated that, often, residents have much more […]

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Bio Tech Pest Control Wins 5 Star Talk of the Town Award

Proudly serving the Houston Texas area for over 20 years, Bio Tech Pest Control is honored to win the 2013 ‘Talk of the Town’ News Customer Satisfaction Award. Recognizing companies that provide outstanding customer service, less than 5% of businesses that were reviewed qualified for this prestigious […]

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Termite Considerations for Homeowners

Termites: the mere mention of these tiny insects is enough to strike fear into the hearts of homeowners everywhere. Given that these hungry pests cause an estimated $1 billion in damages each year to American homeowners, this fear could be considered well-founded. Over the years, termite treatment […]

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Take Control of Your Backyard

The buzzing. It’s incessant. While trying to enjoy your backyard, as we Houstonians are known to do, they buzz so close to your ears it sounds like they’re in your brain. Or maybe you’re too busy trying to shoo them away from your dinner plate to notice. […]

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Attention Houston home owners – do you hear them?

You hear them. At night. You can’t sleep. Scratching, clawing, squeaking while they scurry around inside your walls. At work you can’t concentrate, thinking of those little creatures tearing through your cupboards at home. Maybe they’re even smiling with their disease-carrying fangs as they happily munch on […]

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